The International Design, Entertain and Amaze (IDEA) Showcase is for established developers looking for international partners for publishing, user aquisition, game performance monitoring and logistical support.

  • Total price for IDEA Showcase Singapore 2014 = $900 all inclusive.
  • Total price for IDEA Showcase USA 2014 = $1500 all inclusive.
  • Total price for IDEA Showcase Eastern Europe 2014 in Belgrade = $750 all inclusive.

Submit Your Game for Asia

Submit Your Game for USA

Submit Your Game for Eastern Europe

Hosted four times a year in conjunction with Casual Connect and Indie Prize, the IDEA Showcase™ highlights developers from all over the world in showcases in Western Europe, Asia, USA and Eastern Europe.
Promising developers just getting started are encouraged to apply for the Indie Prize scholarship, established development studios who desire banners, televisions and room for meetings, the IDEA Showcase™ is a great fit.

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